Why some “launches” fail…

by treysmith on February 9, 2010

Found this on my old blog and thought I’d post it here (kinda goes hand in hand with the Magic Social Button video).

I wrote an email to myself a few months ago about launches.

The email breaks down why some launches I’ve had in the past were failures, and why others were complete home runs.

Now, I’ve been pretty lucky.  Most of the launches I’ve done have been extremely successful.

Stuff like a continuity programs, expensive upsells, cheap upsells, half off sales, and JV deals.

But, there have been a few that were total flops… And I’ve definitely learned more from those flops than the successes!

So here’s the email I wrote to myself.

Now before I launch anything,  I make sure it meets this criteria:

Launch Problems

The problem id either the Audience, the Offer, or the Launch.

1. Audience
– Are they passionate?
– Do they give a damn?  (Feedback, people emailing for more info after buying products)
– Do you know what they REALLY want? (www.surveymonkey.com)

2. Offer
– Right price point?
– Right sales copy and “voice”? (What I got, What it will do, what I need you to do)
– Right OFFER? (Giving them what they are dying for)

3. Launch
– Right momentum and flow?
– Giving your BEST information during launch?
– Right timing? (Not around holidays, no other big launches)

4. Your Status:
– Do they TRUST you.
– Do you have SOCIAL proof (Do they think you know what you are talking about)
– Do they think you have something they MUST have?

Through a lot of testing, I’ve found if you can answer yes to all these questions, then you will have a successful launch.

Hope this helps!

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