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Published on May 8th, 2012 | by treysmith


The 5,000,000 Mark

It’s pretty crazy to think about.  Just 14 months ago I published my first iPhone game for kicks just to see what would happen.  Last month we crossed 5,000,000 downloads:

What a crazy fun journey.  Glad so many of you could ride along while I was figuring this stuff out.  What is crazy is I’m now hearing some MASSIVE success stories.

Angela Hayes for example (who was in my App Elite) is doing $350 per day profit.  Today she had her first $500 profit day.  So awesome!

Talk soon,


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Trey Smith is the founder of Kayabit, a game company with over 10,000,000 downloads on mobile devices, Secret Headquarters, Inc, a marketing company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses and L-System records, a house music label from San Diego, CA.

11 Responses to The 5,000,000 Mark

  1. Daniel says:

    That is so awesome! Well done Trey and well done Angela keep it up :)

  2. Tiago says:

    How are you doing Trey?

    I know you’re good at marketing :) . I think you could do a webinar or even a product dedicated to promoting apps. If we don’t get people downloading our stuff, we won’t make any money.

    Best regards,

  3. Patrick says:

    Hi Trey,
    Always been a big fan of your work man!, I’m currently in process of my 1st game being built and the way I’m going to monetize the game is purely like Kolos Journey, “With an upgrade to remove ads”, does this app still make you a bit of money even today? Could you perhaps present some figures on kolos journey?

  4. That’s just awesome. 5 mill downloads is an incredible market reach.

  5. Duncan says:

    Dude, I cant find the link to the San Diego talk you did, Kicking Ass & Taking Names: How to make money online. Any chance you could fix it the link so I can share it?


  6. MadAppr says:

    Numbers like these are always inspiring to see – averaging over 6,000 downloads a day isn’t too shabby!

  7. Justin says:

    Hi Trey,

    I cannot seem to find your opt-in page on this site,

    to get on your list, did you remove it?


  8. Marcia says:


    Do you still offer App training programs?

    All the best,


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