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by treysmith on March 3, 2012

So before I got all into marketing and iphone games, I was a DJ/producer.  Most of the music I made was a small genre of electronic music called “tech house“.  I was pretty serious about it for a while, moved to London to pursue a career and even got played on the radio show of my favorite DJ, John Digweed.

Anyways, I’ve recently been back in the studio in my spare time, which is one reason I haven’t updated here as much lately 😉

Here’s a DJ mix I recently did that has been getting a pretty good reaction on youtube:

I’ll update soon with some more business stuff.  The games are going GREAT.  We have some amazing things coming out very soon :)


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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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