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by treysmith on October 25, 2011

Well, I had came up with an icon I liked for my new game, Monster Magic.

I’m EXTREMELY proud of this game and we’ve really taken it up a notch, so I wanted to have a really good icon.

I made 5 different ones and did a survey for it here:


(Would love to know which one you liked as well, after you vote you get to see the full results of what is winning).

Anyways, get this, the one I was going to go with is DEAD LAST!   The one I put together as a last minute afterthought is now winning.

I think I might need to start getting public opinions of this stuff more often 😉

Trey “really bad icon guesser” Smith


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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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