My new bloggy blog.

by treysmith on June 20, 2011

Got a new blog built on the thesis framework. Big shout-out to Derek at Thesis who helped me get everything running smooth.

Those guys are super badass to, over 40,000 paid customers and growing.

Anyways, lemme known what you guys think! I also came up with a new optin bribe that is working out well. Typically the “Opt-in to get free stuff” thing doesn’t work that well on a blog.

It’s early testing it appears this doubled the conversion rate. Just started testing, will report back later with full results.

Talk soon,


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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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