Monster Magic

by treysmith on November 4, 2011

Ok Guys & Girls,

New game is here… that means time to dive in deep, analyze some stats and give you the breakdown on how it was done!

This one is called Monster Magic and I have to say, I think it’s by far our best one yet.

This is another take on the jumping genre (similar to Jump Pack) but wed decided to add a lot of stuff in there to make it crazy.

See, I always liked Jump Pack, and apparently so does the general public:

But here was one thing that has ALWAYS bugged me about Jump Pack.

Well, actually two things:

1. It wasn’t CRAZY enough.  It’s a really solid fun game, but it needed more wild and wacky power-ups and excitement.

2. It wasn’t truly mass market.  The theme, graphics and style is tailored more towards boys.


Making the game crazier was actually pretty darn easy.  We just added more power-ups to the game that do really unique things.  One flips the screen upside down and really takes you by surprise.   Another does a mega jump.  This one is really fun and if you land on the “bomb” platform while using this power-up, it blast you EXTREMELY high.

In this game there are lots of little things like this that keep you going.  Much more than Jump Pack!

Also, we made the game get FASTER the longer you play.  This stacks the crazy.  Actually, I am going to have to remember that.  Crazy stacker.  Games need crazy stackers 😉


You hear people talking about going “niche” all the time with Internet Marketing, but I’ve found that the iOS store is totally different.

If you have a game that is created for Boys from 10-17 years old, then you are only targeting about 10% of the market (if that).

So what happens when you push it to the top of the app store?  About 10% of the people are interested in your app and it falls right out of the charts.

With Monster Magic, we went with a much wider demographic… here’s how it all went down:

So I was talking with my lovely wife, Amy, one night about ideas for this game.  We were talking about how this game needed to be more mass market.  This is before we knew it would be a monster game.

So while we were bouncing ideas she brought up the fact that monsters are a very hot market right now… You see them in plush toys, movies, books and more.

You can see Google is trending VERY well for monsters the last few years:

Now, not only are monsters trending well, they are also a great demographic target.

As you can see from our group here, we’ve got characters for boys, girls, men and women:

So that was the thought process behind the “theme” of Monster Magic.

Now when we push this to the top, we’ll hopefully a LARGE portion of the people who see it will be interested in downloading it.

Will report back with updates :)

Check the game out and leave a review if you like it. 

Take care,


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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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