Maze+ Launch Numbers

by treysmith on September 4, 2011

Hey Ladies & Gents,

So a few days ago I launched our latest game, Maze+.

Things are going REALLY good with this one…  I’m averaging about $140 per day (totaling over $500 the first 4.3 days):

Besides emailing some people who were on the iPhone App webinar on Wednesday, the ONLY promotion I’ve done with this in within the apps.  If you download any of my apps you’ll see a new Maze+ Nag Screen when you open it up, and now Maze+ is at the top of all my More Screens.

When I emailed the iPhone App Webinar peeps on Wednesday, I tracked ALL the information to find out how much that made a difference.

Here’s the breakdown for Wednesday August 31, 2011:

– The email I sent to iPhone marketers got 1,400 clicks
– Nag/More screens got 1,850 clicks
– The email I sent to my in-app email list got 200 clicks

So on that one day I had a 40% bump in traffic from the email list (letting you guys know, because most of you won’t have an email list to mail as well!).

It appears if I DIDN’T have an email list I’d be sitting around $480 total instead of $590.  Pretty cool to see how much more POWERFUL the Nag/More screen are than a big email list for iPhone Apps.

You just can’t compete with marketing to people ALREADY on their iphones!

So, looking at sales data, here’s what’s really interesting:

It’s not tapering off much… Yesterday I got 83 sales.  The day before I got 85 sales.

The reason is, I am not relying on my standings in the market place to get these sales.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in the “latest releases” list or anything.  Sure that might have helped in the beginning (judging from the numbers it might have given me a $40 per bump day or something), but now I’m relying on the power of my APP NETWORK to drive FREE traffic.

It is to be noted I’ve spent ZERO dollars marketing this app, that said I expect to have some BIG THOUSAND DOLLAR DAYS this week because I’m doing a big promotion with Free App A Day.  I’ll report back on how that works out :)


—- EDIT —-

Some people were asking me on Facebook how much I paid to have this made.  Just me and one programmer worked on this one and he works for me full time.  If I would have outsourced it, he said it would be around $2200… Which means if I keep this rate I would make my money back in 15.7 days.

But here’s the cool thing:

It didn’t cost me near that much because a large portion of the content was taken from OTHER games.  For example the character is from Kolo’s journey and the in app purchase system was ripped straight from Jump Pack.  A LARGE portion of the code was already made, so my programmer was able to crunch the first version out in less than a week.

That’s the cool thing about making MULTIPLE apps.  Each one you create ends up being cheaper because you have a VAULT of code and assets you can use for the next project!

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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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