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Published on September 4th, 2011 | by treysmith


Maze+ Launch Numbers

Hey Ladies & Gents,

So a few days ago I launched our latest game, Maze+.

Things are going REALLY good with this one…  I’m averaging about $140 per day (totaling over $500 the first 4.3 days):

Besides emailing my list on Wednesday, the ONLY promotion I’ve done with this in within the apps.  If you download any of my apps you’ll see a new Maze+ Nag Screen when you open it up, and now Maze+ is at the top of all my More Screens.

When I emailed my list on Wednesday, I tracked ALL the information to find out how much that made a difference.

Here’s the breakdown for Wednesday August 31, 2011:

- The email I sent to iPhone marketers got 1,400 clicks
- Nag/More screens got 1,850 clicks
- The email I sent to my in-app email list got 200 clicks

So on that one day I had a 40% bump in traffic from the email list (letting you guys know, because most of you won’t have an email list to mail as well!).

It appears if I DIDN’T have an email list I’d be sitting around $480 total instead of $590.  Pretty cool to see how much more POWERFUL the Nag/More screen are than a big email list for iPhone Apps.

You just can’t compete with marketing to people ALREADY on their iphones!

So, looking at sales data, here’s what’s really interesting:

It’s not tapering off much… Yesterday I got 83 sales.  The day before I got 85 sales.

The reason is, I am not relying on my standings in the market place to get these sales.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in the “latest releases” list or anything.  Sure that might have helped in the beginning (judging from the numbers it might have given me a $40 per bump day or something), but now I’m relying on the power of my app network to drive free traffic.


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About the Author

Trey Smith is the founder of Kayabit, a game company with over 10,000,000 downloads on mobile devices, Secret Headquarters, Inc, a marketing company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses and L-System records, a house music label from San Diego, CA.

37 Responses to Maze+ Launch Numbers

  1. Mathias says:

    Wow, very inspiring Trey. Glad to see you are going into iPhone apps. That’s a business im certainly getting in to soon. Or at least trying it out. Thanks for the great post!

  2. James Jordan says:

    That sounds cool…but nothing is as cool as those groovy sunglasses man….Can those ‘specs’ protect your eyeballs on a harley if a 8 pound rock gets thrown up at your face? How about a bumble bee?
    How about if you are flying a retro bi plane like the Red Baron and you shoot down an allied plane…. can those ‘specs’ get you through the splashing oil, flames and pieces of flying plane and pilot body parts propelled at you? If so then I approve……and only then will they replace my ‘code x’ fly master goggles…….

  3. Marc says:

    Thanks for the feedback Trey. Indeed having a code base is welcome when doing software development…. Hmm do I see a cool upgrade to the iPhone system: selling documented code libraries. ;)

  4. Nathen says:

    If you are just promoting through your own “app network” then how do you increase your user base?

  5. Jay says:

    Very cool stuff Trey! Thanks for the update. I may have to do this!

  6. Hey Trey,

    What do you think about Andriod apps… And creating apps for Google TV?

    I heard andriod apps are easier to create, less expensive and with more people using them, not mention Google TV… I can see that becoming huge for the future of TV.

    My badd if you talk about this is another post but just was wondering your thoughts on that!

    Awesome post bro… And love the fact your teaching some to our community that is so unique and non-im related. Its Kick Ass!


  7. Hey Trey! Great artcle man!

    I’m going to be getting into iPhone apps VERY soon and this article comes in handy.

    Thank you!

    Joshua the ZamuraiBlogger

  8. John Steinke says:

    Yep, my second App is coming out soon and I’m going to load in a splash screen both Apps for when I switch on the free sales. And continue that process with third and forth Apps. It’s exactly as Trey says, each is cheaper to develop and market, plus you get the power of the suite of Apps promoting each other. Took 6 weeks to get the first one done, 2 weeks the second and now the third will take about a week. Includes video demos too. Check them all out at – just follow the links. And believe in what Trey is teachin’ and preachin’. This blog is an incredibly helpful exponential (!) bonus, since he is sharing new info all the time. Not just leaving us as graduates of his class and on our own. Cool, cool, cool.

  9. Egbert says:

    Trey, thanks for sharing your results! You truly are providing a soup-to-nuts working model for anyone to follow and duplicate. Quick question: what kind of a bump are you anticipating with the Free App a Day promo?

  10. rick says:

    Hey Trey:
    Thanks for sharing that info. It’s great to hear an honest review of the numbers instead of the usual “get rich in a week” crap.

  11. Jason says:

    Trey, you’re right about reusable code. I’m decent when it comes to figuring things and I spent about 100 hours creating my first app (should have outsourced but not making much online so my time is not worth that much). Well, I’m about to release my second app and I’ve spent about 10 hours on it.

  12. Andrew says:

    Trey, those are some nice results. I really love how you are leveraging the work you have already done to create new projects and build momentum.


  13. Justin says:

    What do u use to track stats on the app pages? Or is that given to you by the app store???

  14. Chris says:

    Very cool Trey thanks for keeping us up to date. Some of us haven’t jumped in yet but are watching from afar to see your progress. Looks like some of your followers have a couple apps out. It would be cool if you had a blog post highlighting one of them.

  15. scoots says:

    Have been following your success since webie with Laura. I have some great ideas to implement on I phone apps. Keep up the promotional e mails my way. Stay cool big dog!

  16. Daniel says:

    Hey Trey,

    Great stuff, i have 2 questions please

    1) are those for results for iPad and iPhone?Currently app figures show a big downslope for maze+. have people stopped clicking on the popup page and more page?

    2) on the email you’ve sent on Thursday it said that you are getting reviewed by app advice so I do not understand it when you are saying you have done no promotion other then emailing us and your db.

    • treysmith says:

      1 – Results are for both… not sure what you’re talking about big slope? Right now rankings dropped a little bit, but that’s typical fluctuation. a few sales can move you up and down easily.

      2 – I didn’t contact App Advice… they did a news article on Maze+ on their own. I didn’t ACTIVELY promote it or anything. They also contacted me wanting to do a full review but we’re waiting for the first bug release to hit the app store first.

      A basic news article from App Advice is cool, but I wouldn’t be seeing results still from it. I’ve never had a full review done though! So that will be interesting (assuming they like it).

  17. Darko M says:

    What about the Germany market. Is a good Idea to promote Germany games?

    Ps: I love this blog :)

  18. brian b says:

    Congratulations trey, man that maze app is soo cool, its neat how you used most of the graphics and the majority of the game is from your kolos journey that was a slick move. Its like your just speed rolling out apps since you can just take and idea and roll it into your existing platform. Genius man. I love it.

  19. John Steinke says:

    Launch Tip – Right next to download by your Icon in the App store is a downward menu to tell a friend, gift this App [California lingo]. I “gifted my App” to family and friends, many of whom passed the info to people with IPhones or an interest in my topic. You just enter an email address with a personal note and Apple sends them a really nice looking email with your message. Mine is a paid App at $0.99 per download, but it really only costs me 30 cents per gift as you get 70 cents back for each one you give. So, $30 gives you 100 gifts, or $90 is 300 gifts – plus it helps your sales numbers and rankings. You can batch the gifts too if there are a lot of people you want to send a gift to with the same message. Don’t worry about whether or not they have an IPhone or IPad. It’s part announcement to your friends and family. And you will become an App Celebrity in their eyes.

  20. Bill Covert says:

    Love it Trey! Maybe its time to start thinking about a “Dream Bar Cafe” game – modeled after the Accelerator for Success system? Hhmmm???

  21. lance_is_here says:

    have you seen a game called “game dev story”? might I suggest you re-make this in the future? it’s a very addictive little game, and the whole video game development theme works well with your seminars etc.

  22. Robert says:

    Hi Trey, I just checked my copy of Jump Pack but unless I click on the more button, there is no nag screen. Is that what you meant or should the nag screen pop up automatically?

  23. Chow says:

    Impressive. I need to seriously just sit down and get started with my app ideas.

  24. Darrin says:

    I am glad everything is going well for you. I was wondering if this was a $.99 cent downloadable app. When I take your profits/day and divde them by the app downloads, you profit ranges from $1.36 to $1.55/download. Why is there such a range per download? Thanks

  25. Mano Rame says:

    Interesting to see that you are using a new medium to make money instead of writing ebooks or creating videos.

  26. Dan says:

    Awesome dude! Fun game to play against friends too :)

  27. Nekonron says:

    That actually looks really interesting, I’ll download it when I get back later :D

    One thing bothered me when you said you would be sitting on around $480 if you didn’t do a promo to your list though.. It seems that most of your sales came from your nag screens. My question is, wouldn’t part of those actually came from your list when you promoted them last time?

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