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Published on October 24th, 2012 | by treysmith


LIVE: How to make killer games

Hey Guys,

Last year I spoke at App Code 2011 on how to create killer games.

In this live presentation, I break down my formula for creating gameplay types that are fun and monetize well.  I also dive in and do some hacker research in front of the audience on big successful games.

I had totally forgot about this recording and stumbled onto it again the other day… Hope you enjoy!

Talk soon,


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About the Author

Trey Smith is the founder of Kayabit, a game company with over 10,000,000 downloads on mobile devices, Secret Headquarters, Inc, a marketing company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses and L-System records, a house music label from San Diego, CA.

41 Responses to LIVE: How to make killer games

  1. Hey Trey,

    Such an inspiring seminar. Ever thought of coming to Australia to speak?


  2. Robert says:

    Trey how many parts of this amazing seminar have you not released – every one i watch is great!

  3. Andrej says:

    Great seminar. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  4. Juan says:

    Hey Mate

    Great speech.I must see again and again.Cograts for your success in games and with your companies.And thanks for share know how!!!

    Take Care

  5. ioan pongrat says:

    va multumesc foarte mult pentru prezentare
    sigur , este o mare realizare “kiler games”
    thankyou very much your prezentation
    all the best

  6. Paul says:

    Damn dude your a freaking guineas. Every time I watch your videos or read your stuff I take away nuggets of gold I know will make me money. Keep the stuff coming. You and cuzzin Frank are the Man’s . Really awesome video looking forward to the next ones

  7. Gayle says:

    Really inspiring seminar with great information, especially for a newbie who has so far done everything wrong! :-) I always learn something from you Trey. Thank you so much.

  8. Good JOB Trey! Finding A players is a pain in the @$$!! Hope to get to the right people like you did.
    Always inspiring to see you on stage :D

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Emil says:

    Good stuff, Where Can I watch the rest?

  10. Ellery says:

    Good stuff Trey. Do you think you can share the slides to us?

    Thank you.

  11. james says:

    I’m pretty sure this game stuff is really important to some people….?

  12. Matt says:

    Hey Trey… where’s the video?

    I see people are posting comments having watched it but there hasn’t been a video on the page for me since you sent out the link?


  13. Steve Baker says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog (wow) Know nothing about this but am very interested . Do you have introductory info courses etc

  14. Marcus says:

    Hi Trey,

    Thanks for sharing this very information and useful video. Any chance of getting the files so I can put in on a DVD?

    Are you planning any app development bootcamps/workshops? Do you offer game app consulting?

  15. Sabrina porter says:

    I create games , only they are casino table games. Jyst need sponsor

  16. Alex says:

    The video exceeded my expectations. You re an excellent public speaker. I m not a game developer but when I get your mails I actually have never been disappointed after clicking through… cool stuff.

  17. Merlino says:

    Very cool! Lots of new ideas in my mind!

    Going to be the next killer game ;-)

    I think the Merlino Designer style is awesome. What do you think ?

  18. David says:

    Very cool stuff Trey, I’ve already watched it twice and posted your link in my AE Facebook group. Here’s something I and others would love to know:

    What search criteria do you use to find killer game designers on oDesk?

  19. Dan says:

    Hi Trey, Awesome Vid mate, what would you generally pay a graphic designer who is of the standard you require first up? $30 an hour? $20? feel free to respond via my email if you don’t want to discuss rates on the page.. :) Appreciate your time mate. Thanks again. Dan

  20. Juan says:

    Hi Trey,

    Your talk is very motivational, thanks a lot for share your knowledge!

    Also, you convinced us to release free our first game, the theme is “simon says” but done with little cute birds :-)

    There is the link to the game:

    We would appreciate a lot any kind of feedback.


  21. reytech says:

    tks trey smith! i was wondering if u hve any NOOBs starters guide in developing apps! and if u’re not from the progamming lot and much from the electronics technical side would it be possible EVER to learn how to develop apps? pls do answer!

  22. Emilio R. says:

    As good as always! Looking forward to your next seminar! Keep up the good work ;-)

  23. Ashley says:

    Hey Trey,

    Great video! I hear you mention in the video about making your game paid to start with to get some data etc, you then said that it will get pick up by websites or apple once you then turn it to free – How does this work?


  24. Med says:

    Hi Trey,

    Can you share with us the slides please ?

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  26. Khalid Saeed says:


    great video , enjoyed every tiny bit of it, but i have a Question, the temple run part where u explaining how they have a linkshare redirection that makes whoever click it get a cookie on their iPhone/pc…. doesnt that consider as cookie stuffing which is illegal “according 2 all websites” ?? and if not plz tell me how is it different from cookie stuffing….

    Thanks ^_^

    • treysmith says:

      Whenever I’ve heard people talk about cookie stuffing it’s when affiliates are competing for something. This is just a link they have in their apps and on twitter/facebook, so I wouldn’t think it’s an issue.

  27. Jorge Suarez says:

    Trey… mopv… still exists?

    Can you share more info or a link about it? Thanks :D

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  29. An awesome video, great blog, you rock!!! Best wishes.

  30. Pablo says:

    Loved this presentation! love your blog!! Thanks for sharing.
    Just joining this new market following the best experts :)

    Wish you even more success :)

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  33. Joey Blaze says:

    I am going to be putting everything I have been learning here into practice. I just wish I wasn’t too late for APP ELITE 2. Where can I get a copy of Jump Pack Story???

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