iPhone Game Stats!

by treysmith on January 15, 2011

Very interesting stats on my latest iphone game.

It’s called Kolo’s Journey and it was just released yesterday!

As of now, it’s the number 7th most popular Music game in the US.  Even beating out one of the “Rock Band” games and most of the Tap Tap games.

I did over 500 sales on day one… not to shabby. Ended up breaking $500.

Hoping to do the same today.  My cost to have the game developed was $1700 (and I’m going to tip him as well, haven’t done that yet)

I bought some traffic on ad mob and also did the little promo (which worked out well):


Will update you guys next week on how it’s going!

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Trey Smith develops iPhone Apps (including the Top 25 game, Jump Pack) and has a couple internet marketing companies. He's been a full time internet marketer for 6 years and currently lives in San Diego.

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