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Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by treysmith


How I’m currently making money with apps…

If you would have asked me how I was making money with apps 3 months ago, I would have said almost 100% with In App Purchases through Apple.  This industry moves fast and times are quickly changing!

I was just looking over my stats and thought I would share how I’m currently monetizing my  apps.

Let’s check out data from the last 7 days:

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So here’s a quick breakdown of each column:

In App Purchases – This is either .99 sales or in app purchases from Apple.

iAd – This is money generated form Apple’s ad platform.  Mainly from banners.

AdMob – Google’s Ad company. I show their ads when iAds is out of inventory.

MoPub – This manages iAds and AdMob.  Really cool free system that rotates ads based on who has inventory currently available to share.

Chartboost – Great company that we do extremely well with.  They show full screen ads on start up.

Revmob – This one is amazing.  It’s a fairly new company by my friend, Gui (who made the popular Ant Smasher game).  UPDATE: I’m now making more money with RevMob than anywhere else.  Hidden gem.

As you can see with this data, we are making about 77% of our money right now form ads.  Pretty crazy, but there is a very good reason for this.

A few months ago I was focusing on promoting my OWN games.  I really wanted to focus on building up my own network and have a large “traffic source“.

Now that’s happened.  We are doing about 20,000 clicks per day and we’ve found it’s easier to make money promoting apps that have large payouts.


If I have a game that generates an average income of .10 per download, then that does not compete with a .70 payout from a larger company like Zynga right?

So if you monetize with ads then you immediately will start making less with in app purchases.  It’s all about figuring out which makes you more money in the long run.

There is a negative side to promoting other apps.  It doesn’t help you grow your network.

The end goal is to promote your own HIGH CONVERTING apps.

In a week we are releasing our first really big social game called “Animal Mall”.  Since this will have a much higher RPI (Revenue Per Install) we will start pushing more traffic to it instead of ad companies.

Check back for a breakdown of how that goes later on!

Talk soon,


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Trey Smith is the founder of Kayabit, a game company with over 10,000,000 downloads on mobile devices, Secret Headquarters, Inc, a marketing company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses and L-System records, a house music label from San Diego, CA.

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  2. Rao says:

    What kind of application you used to creating games?

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