Trey Smith as dedicated the last 6 years to building digital businesses ranging from selling specific industry training to software and video games.

He’s founded and grown multiple businesses past the 7 figure per year mark including an internet television software company, digital entrepreneur training products and more.

Trey has also founded the mobile game company, Kayabit Games, which has over 10,000,000 downloads. Kayabit has produced top 25 hit games such as Jump Pack, Maze+ and Monster Magic, which all have over 1,000,000 downloads individually.

After having success with the game business, Trey recently founded GameAcademy.com, a software and training company focused on helping independent game business owners increase their reach and marketing knowledge.

Trey also is an audio engineer and producer focusing on electronic music. He’s been signed to labels such as Plastic City, Gravitation, Source of Gravity and Primal Records and his works have been featured on Radio 1 and John Digweed’s weekly radio show.

In 2013 Trey started his own electronic record label, L-System Records. During their first year they’ve had releases from artist such as Marco Bailey, Omid 16b, Martin Roth and more, including Trey under the guise Cerebro.

Contact:  support@treyhelpdesk.com

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  1. Dave says:

    Just watched the video of Anthony talking about the methods he used in the infomillionaire product to make tonnes of cash in his first year and now I really, really want it but as I quickly discovered, it’s not available anymore. Where can I go to learn about this stuff now?

  2. Trey, in your RSS feed today, Saturday June 18th, you asked for a new tool we wish we had. I would like to see a password app for my iPad and iPhone, so I could have my passwords all in one place everywhere I go!

    • treysmith says:

      Site is still under construction, I’ll have the VIP section updated in 24 hours and ready to roll out the contest!

    • TheDoJoe says:

      Robin, check out “password keeper” on the app store. I have it and I LOVE it. I highly recommend it. It stores all passwords, is legit, and can auto-sync and it has never been hacked into, thanks to the computer genius of Phil Zimmerman.

  3. ines says:

    i love you trey!

  4. Jack Collins says:

    I enjoyed your webinar with John Reese on the Iphone, Ipad apps. I asked you a question on the call about financing and would love to learn more about that when you are prepared to move in that direction.

    All the best and abunadance to you,

    Jack Collins

  5. Dude, you totally inspired me and my partner to build our own software & we definitely plan to SaaSatize / sell it… thanks for that motivation my man.

    I also wrote this: http://www.arshammirshah.com/business/the-4-logical-reasons-that-make-software-businesses-awesome — Definitely scraped some ideas from you and should toss in a link in there for ya…

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the positive feelings and all the best bro,


  6. Marc says:

    Great website but how to get back to the VIP section? :)


  7. Marc says:

    @TreySmith… I wish everything in life was so simple. :) Let me know if I need to fix it for you (though I assume you have your own guys doing nerdy stuff).

  8. Just love the videos they have been an inspiration for my recording artists who we force to watch your videos on repetition until they produce hits for our record company.

  9. Hi there. Just have some questions to ask.
    I really see the big opportunity in making (having good ideas for) iPhone apps, and i wanna give it a go.
    1.Where to begin?
    2. Is odesk.com the best place to hire programmers (looks kind of unprofessional, and the best cost like a tons of money)
    3. other good tips?

    Greeting from Norway!

  10. Ted Johnson says:

    I want to buy your Iphone app system .. how do I get it

  11. hello trey and good day. I have been watching all your webinars and i must say you have inspired me to take this app business very seriously. For the moment im developing games for android market, but the app store is definaltey my next move. I plan on making a social game app and i wanted to ask you 2 questions. Do i really need a server for this kind of game? if so, how would i go by getting a server? average cost? thankis

  12. Igor says:

    Hi Trey, I bought Kindle course on CDs from webinar ,
    Your Bonus OS Webinar was a big factor cause I have other project ongoing – need to OS it ,
    I have all the John Jonas OS staff, but you might have something unique
    on this – Did I miss your email , or it never happen
    and will it ever happen ?
    let me know if you need receipt – it’s Igor Gurts , Toronto

  13. Bertacus Maximus says:

    Just found your blog. Man, this site is a wealth of information! How are you able to juggle so much? You are kickass!

  14. Steven Stembridge says:

    Trey. You have really inspired me. Thanks for all your hard work!! Will you be doing any seminars in the south anytime soon?

  15. Bertacus Maximus says:

    Yeah! When are you coming to the South. I have heard your seminars are absolutely incredible. I have heard a lot of people say they can really jump start your app development business and we or at least I could really use some secrets.

  16. Julius says:

    Hey Trey,
    I love your work. Very inspiring. I have a medical practice and I’d like to build an for our patients, but more of a game. In others words I’m looking to gamify an accountability activity.

    Question? When looking for a programmer…
    What am I looking for? Someone good with a particular skill?
    What about trusting the developer? How do you ensure they won’t take the idea and run with it?
    Would you consider working with a large corporation that develops or do you like individuals?
    From your experience what are the pros & cons to working with a developer overseas?
    Any other thoughts about selecting a developer?

    Julius P

    PS I’m meeting up with Frank on the weekend of 6/21-23. He is doing a Highly Paid Advisor private seminar. Any possibility of you stopping over to share your success with the group. That would be awesome!

  17. Lloydl says:

    Anyone know where I can learn how to create games for Kindle?

  18. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Hi Trey,

    love your stuff. Really. I saw your webinar http://www.mobilegamesystem.com about the iPhone apps and really loved it. You are truly the guru.
    The reason why I’m writing you is that I wanted to ask you if I can buy the seminar from you for $400?
    I really apologize for this request because I’m absolutely sure its worth the money, I just don’t have more at the moment. I’m even fine if you don’t send the source codes. Let me know what you think and hey, I’m not mad and would understand if you can’t do it.

    You rock anyway.

    Yours truly,
    Shmuel Hoffman

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  20. Walt says:

    Hey Trey,
    I remember you had someone who successfully shut down some copyright infringement problems. I have the same problem. My game “Spitball Revenge” has already been hacked. Do you have someone you recommend who can help?

  21. Ernesto says:

    Hey Trey, I have seen most of your free webinars (I’m a regular Joe, jaja), I wanted to ask some advice on how much I would have to invest on creating a game with graphics like doodle jump and how to market it…. some basic advice would be highly appreciated… you inspired me to start investing in mobile apps :D

  22. Ernesto says:

    Thanks in advance… I hadn’t finished writing yet jaja

  23. asaf says:

    hey trey

    my name is asaf, i am the owner of app-trade, which is a company based in Israel for apps

    we want to consult with you about some aspects of our business
    how can we chat, and what are your rates ?

  24. Chandan says:

    Hi Trey,
    This is Chandan (founder @ dinzy labs). We have developed many cool games in iOS and Android platform. I was wondering if you could market our game on Revenue Sharing basis.
    We too use Chartboost and Revmob for Ads Revenue.

    Please visit http://www.dinzylabs.com for more detial.


  25. efrain says:

    trey great work pls connect with me on skype:buddyman772


  26. Hi Trey – I’m the lead organizer of @freemiumsfbay the Meetup group where we discuss the Freemium Business Model. Our events are the second Thursday evening of each month alternating between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. I know you are in San Diego but if you have a chance to come up north we’d love to have you as a speaker.

  27. Hey there,
    there seems to be technical issue with your feed.
    Just emailed you about it.

    take care,

  28. Bob says:

    Hi Trey,
    Very interesting blog!
    I was just wondering though, why none of your apps show up in the app store? I found Monster Magic but it lists Top Hat Games as the developer.


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  30. Bert Cus says:

    Your webinars/seminars are creating a great deal of buzz on the internet. My company would be very interested in hosting a conference in the southeast with you as the plenary speaker. Please contact me, so we can move forward.

    Thank you,

  31. Sofia Stavropoulou says:

    Dear Trey

    I’m about to develop my first MOB APP which will offer a very useful service to FOREX Traders. I plan to build it in LITE and PRO Versions. PRO Version will include in-app purchase option and I’m sure it will be a huge success. I would like to partner with you because you are an Expert in APPS and their Marketing, I’m a Forex Trading Strategist.

    Let me have your feedback on this.

    Kind Regards

  32. kostas says:

    Good evening everyone i would like to ask where can I find partners to create a game which if succeeded as it thinks will make a lot money.i am from Greece and I have no idea about such issues and i was looking for a partner who is especially in those.

  33. HEE says:

    I am just getting started with the app business and was pointed in your direction. I believe attending one of your seminars would be a tremendous help. Do you have any coming up?

  34. Thomas Nguyen says:

    Hi Trey,
    You are truly success person because you help others success!
    Thank you.

  35. Andrej says:

    Hi Trey!

    I am the developer of WordBoxer, first app on Android and iPhone, and get about 100-150 users a day now for a few months, mainly in Europe. The game is in 9 languages, so I want to get some base population in USA. Now I read about the price increase – decrease trick for iOS. We hiked the price yesterday from free to 2,99 dollars and after AppShopper reported WordBoxer at 2,99 we changed it to free again, about 4 hours after the price hike. Then, about 8 hours after that, AppShopper but us back on free again.

    But unfortunately, we are not listed in the Price Drops section. We are wondering why. Did the algorithm used by AppShopper got smart? Did we do something wrong?

    Looking forward to your insights, please enlighten me!

  36. David Klotz says:

    Would any of you guys be interested in reviewing the IP for a gaming concept called Gansta Rock. We have the IP for Snoop D, Tommy Lee and seeking some development partners. I can forward you an overview

  37. corey says:

    I am about a week away from releasing my first iphone game, a question I have is should you get the game a copyrighted or the name of it?

  38. Why don’t you promote Free Hat Games website on the iTunes store? I am sure there is a reason but curious. =)



  39. Josh Layhue says:

    Hey Trey,
    Thanks for sharing a ton of great info. Looking forward to learning more from you and hoping we can return the favor in the near future.

  40. Chris says:

    Hi Trey love the work you have created, listened to a lot of your webinars, you are a very smart business man. Im just wondering if anyone can help me. I need to attach ads to my app, ive just made it free and am getting a few downloads. Do i go through a programmer and have them attach ads or can it be done myself through Revmob or something. Thanks Heaps.

  41. Wonkie says:

    Awesome site Trey… and I loved Jump Pack and Monster Magic by the way… thanks :)

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